While a Social Media Investigation focuses on a person, Geofencing focuses on a location.

If you like finding witnesses and knowing the whole truth, this is your product.

What is Geofencing? 

Think of geofencing as setting up a virtual boundary. Geofencing is technology that uses GPS to define said virtual boundary, or “fence,” to be put around any location or combination of locations. You can then monitor mobile device activity within that defined area.

How It Works in This Context

For example, let us say that a large accident such as a tractor-trailer crash occurs. Perhaps this happens in a densely populated area, and several people stop to observe the aftermath of the accident. In this hypothetical situation, maybe one passerby takes out their phone and begins recording a video of the accident to post it to social media or just simply posting any topic to social media. Unlike telephone conversations, social media posts are an example of “open source” communications. As such, this information is public and can be tracked. With geofencing, you now have the capability to observe activity from any mobile devices in the area of the accident.

Finding Witnesses

A good witness can mean the difference between recovering damages after a motor vehicle accident and being liable to the other party for damages. There are often several unbiased and sometimes overlooked witnesses to an accident such as:

  • Pedestrians
  • Drivers and passengers in other vehicles
  • People in adjacent buildings
  • Emergency responders

We can help find the guy who can help you deny a case or fast track a claim and better settle your claim!

How It Helps Your Investigation

We find information pre- and post-loss, collect all photos, videos, statements, and locate all witnesses and possible witnesses. We locate and obtain statements from all applicable witnesses. Keep in mind that even if a witness did not observe the actual collision, they may still be able to provide valuable information.

For example, witnesses might also overhear damaging statements made by drivers or passengers that, depending on the circumstances, might be admissible in court. Or, maybe a possible witness had a beer with the driver of the other vehicle just before the loss. In addition, we can then also determine if someone providing information is linked or friendly with the claimant, insured, or a third party through social media.

If you’d like to learn more about Geofencing or would like to discuss your case, we’re here to help.