Our Industry Experts Understand

Each of our core disciplines has dedicated experts that don’t just investigate, but stay on top of the latest trends, case law, equipment and technology in the industry. We get active in associations you belong to, speak at conferences you attend and author articles in the publications you read. Then, we share our knowledge with you through Capital College, our blog, white papers, case studies, videos or other industry focused educational resources, so you can take advantage of all our hard work.

Claims Professionals

Our job is to make yours easier! We want to provide you with as much information as quick as possible in order for you to make a timely decision about further investigation or future claim handling. Our Managers have elite knowledge of databases, social media, claim and field experience allowing for us to diligently communicate throughout the life of the investigation and provide recommendations and a concrete plan of action.

Risk Managers
Reducing Claim Frequency

Capital Investigating’s Prospecting Program allows the chance to identify claims within your organization that should be investigated due to potential return on investment. Thus allowing faster and better business decisions as well as claim handling.

Capital Investigating’s® investigative team begins each Prospecting Program relationship during an initial meeting with on-site management in order to assess the claims environment, the company culture, opportunities for improvement, and goals for the program. A Prospecting Program is then created to align with client goals, and an action plan is put into effect. Throughout the Prospecting Program, we at Capital Investigating review and adjust our methodology and style of investigation to ensure the continual reduction of on-site claims as part of the Prospecting Program partnership.

Timely Investigations

The key to a successful Prospecting Program is rapid investigation, preferably within 24-72 hours, in order to determine the root cause of the incident. The investigative interviews are extremely in-depth, professional, and seamless with management processes. The goal is maximum investigative exposure with minimum disruption of daily operations.

Disrupting Existing Patterns

Many locations which experience an abundance of questionable claims lack an investigative presence to dissuade workers from filing claims as a proxy for vacations or to preempt disciplinary action. The Prospecting Program creates a culture of accountability which is applied evenly to all workers. The dynamic is simple: questionable claims are reduced when employees have to account for their actions.

Education & Awareness

Whether it be the dissemination of anti-fraud posters, meetings with Union stakeholders, or providing State fraud documentation during each investigative interview, investigators make it known to workers that filing fictitious claims will have consequences. The result is often an unexpected boost in morale as good workers see accountability return to the workplace.

Legal Professionals

The SmartStart Investigation is Capital Investigating’s most comprehensive desktop investigative report. Designed as a turnkey solution for litigated files, it includes:

  • Comprehensive SmartStart investigative report
  • Full-spectrum national background check from four top data providers
  • Unlimited Research Analyst time on file
  • Free 90 day follow up report – Social Media Monitoring
  • Metadata flash drive to preserve and authenticate all electronic evidence
  • Notarized affidavit by e-vestigator in order to lay a foundation for the evidence
  • Verbal debriefing by the Intelligence team if desired

A SmartStart Investigation is the perfect solution for high-exposure cases headed to depositions or trials. A lawyer will rest assured that all measures have been taken to ensure content is courtroom-ready.

Defense Counsel
Field Investigations

Do you ever need to locate a witness, plaintiff or defendant?  Ever need a surveillance, statement or scene investigation obtained?  If so, our experienced field investigators will get the job done timely, communicate and provide an extensive, detailed report.