The goal of surveillance is to document claimant activities and determine if the claimant is acting within the noted doctor’s restrictions or acting outside of these restrictions.

Surveillance investigations are conducted to gather evidence about claimants. Often, a person who has filed an insurance claim will keep up appearances of their injury or disability while out in public, but can be spotted around their home performing tasks that would be impossible if they were acting inside the stated physical restrictions.

Our investigators use information obtained through online investigations and stationary, unmanned-remote surveillance and mobile surveillance to determine if a claimant’s actions around their home are at odds with the details of their insurance claims.

Capital Investigating is proud to offer unmanned-remote stationary surveillance services to our clients. Our experienced investigators will assess the area and place a stationary camera in a legal, ethical and discreet location which will provide the best possible vantage point to the claimant and their residence. The investigator will then monitor the surveillance footage from a nearby, discreet location and work in conjunction to provide the best possible results.

This technique can turn a one man surveillance team into a two-man team, often saving our clients thousands of dollars in expenses.

Additionally, unmanned-remote stationary surveillance cameras are more discreet than traditional means of surveillance. Claimants are less likely to notice our strategically placed stationary cameras and as a result the claimant is less likely to alter their natural behavior, making it easy to obtain daily activities and patterns.
Surveillance will assist in mitigating hundreds of thousands of dollars by exposing the claimant’s true daily activities. If you are in need of surveillance, contact Capital Investigating today!

To learn more, please contact Mike Manni at or 603 505 6008.