Capital Investigating is finding that 18% of Claim Departments do NOT conduct social media investigations and a whopping 36% of companies have “unknown” staff conducting the investigations with no oversight, training and continuing education.

conduct social media investigations

Is this irresponsible to policyholders and employers?We are finding that most companies do not have a single person or a specific unit whose sole job is to deep dive into online and social media investigations. Adjusters are busy and usually don’t have the expertise or the 4 hours to create a proper paper profile on a subject.Would you only take half a statement or order your attorney to take half a EUO?When your adjusters are searching on their own, there is NO continuing education in social media and desktop investigations. There is NO process and NO focus on developing the product and staying ahead of the industry curve and staying ahead of your claimant.Are your adjuster’s searching the deep web, using programmer access, URL manipulation, paid for database sites? Lots of adjusters aren’t trained in this type of investigation and are asked to “just search” and truly can’t get past Google and Facebook posts.There is a definite exposure for conducting these investigations incorrectly or only gathering half the available information! We know that knowledge is power. We know that more information is better for mitigating a settlement and/or fast-tracking a claim.

conduct social media investigations

Who does your Social Media Research? Here are the results that we find while speaking at conferences.

Unknown Company Staff 36%
Company SIU 32%
Defense counsel 5%
Vendor 9%
No Desktop Research 18%

If the above information is alarming to you and you need a better handle on what your desktop investigations should include and NOT include. Capital Investigating’s SmartStart Investigation is something that you seriously need to look at!

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